Eva Kalpadaki 




I am an emerging artist photographer with a strong interest in abstract photography.


I love flirting with reality, which is always a challenge for me. I am always interested in exploring my personal experience with the world through my lens and looking for something deeper than what is there on the surface of things.


What I love about abstraction in photography is the ambiguity with which the abstract images create a wonderful play between reality and the unknown, yet to be seen reality of photographic vision.


I am interested in exploring and realizing some of the endless potentialities of the medium of photography itself always through my personal experience with it in relation to the world it refers to.


My personal approach to photography is that I like to create images which keep 'a contact with reality', in the sense that they oscillate in a space where a subtle transition  between transparency and opaqueness takes place.


Currently, I am leaning towards concrete, self-referential photography but with a 'reality twist', if I could call it this way.  


In this virtual space I would like to bring my knowledge in the field of abstract photography gained from my experience of exploring this subject during the period of my PhD research.


I want to use this space as a platform that will allow me to apply my knowledge in the photographic practice and create projects which potentially can push the boundaries of photography and produce a different new vision on the way we perceive photography today.



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