2014 Monthly Tutorials



Start Date: 26 February 2014



Duration:  usually once a month



Where:  Private Venue



Current Price:20 per 3-hours session



NOTE:  if you know and share the same interests with some people and want to form a group of monthly photography sessions, please contact me.



MPT1 - Brighton Photo Fringe 2010 Show Preparation 


This project has culminated to the BPF 2010 exhibition below:

slash | line | bloom | fuzz | time




Note: Many thanks to GREY AREA Gallery, who kindly provided us with a space to host our monthly sessions for 2010. 




MPT2 - Brighton Photo Fringe 2014 Show Preparation 

            (details will be published when the show is ready)
















Project 1 - Monthly Photography Tutorials (MPT)





These monthly tutorials are designed to offer support to students of mine from previous courses and workshops, who have expressed an interest in developing an individual photographic project.


The aim of these monthly sessions is to prepare the students to exhibit a resolved body of work in the context of Brighton Photo Fringe or other exhibitions.


If you love taking photographs and need support to develop a photographic project, this is the right place for you.



Structure of each monthly session.


  • Each of you will be presenting your work in progress explaining your thoughts and ideas.


  • The rest of the group will be commenting on your work by asking questions and making observations.


  • I will be facilitating the discussion and exchange of comments between you. At the same time I will be guiding you to develop your work further by giving you constructive feedback and suggesting visual references to look at and pieces of text to read. Again on these sessions, I will be giving emphasis on encouraging you to experiment and play as broadly as you can.


  • Close to the exhibition date, I will be guiding you in making decisions about the presentation of your work.



Extra support (free of charge) outside the time frame of the monthly sessions


  • I will be guiding and supporting you in all extra activities and arrangements that need to be done in order to curate the final show. This involves attending the Brighton Photo Fringe networking meetings, looking for spaces to exhibit the work, and any other arrangements that might emerge according to the needs of this project.