Abstraction, Photography and Play: an experimental approach to photography 


Example of a lesson plan   





Preparation before the first lesson.


You will be asked to produce and bring with you in the first session one photograph, which will reflect your answer to the question : what is an abstract photograph?

We will accept any kind of prints, any sizes, digital images, etc. small non-expensive prints are preferable as they will help in breaking the ice too.


1st Week -First Steps to Abstraction in Photography


  • Short introduction to the course
  • Personal introductions / breaking the ice playfully
  • Brain storming and discussion on the subject what is an abstract photograph? based on the photographs brought by the participants.
  • Reading of the Poem The Ballad of Drawing with Light Responses over a cup of tea follow.
  • Slide show: First Steps to Abstraction (camera obscura, the first photograph, Vortographs, Schadographs, photograms, rayograms) I will talk about the first steps of photographic abstraction, explain the images of the slide show and comment on them.
  • Short discussion follows about how you respond to the images shown.
  • Explanation of practical tasks to be undertaken for the following lesson-suggestions, guidance and tips will be given.




                                              Course 1