1. Do I need to have a knowledge of photography to attend the course?

    Not necessarily.


 2. Do I need to have a camera to attend the course?

     A camera would be useful as it will allow you to experiment further and explore more of the   

     possibilities that it has to offer.


     However, if you don't have a camera I will show you how to create a very basic one.

     If you have a mobile phone with a camera function that would do as well.


     If you have a camera, then any camera is fine. Analogue or digital, any format is fine.


 3. I might not be able to attend the whole course, but I still want to participate in it. Is that ok?

     It would be more useful to you if you attended the whole course, as it will help you gain a better 

     understanding of all the concepts mentioned in art and photography. It will also help you to experiment

     more and produce a richer portfolio of images.


     However, it is totally up to you if you decide not to attend all of the 8 weeks, though you should 

     consider this. You pay for your course of 8 weeks and no refund will be given if you miss some days.


 4. Who is going to pay for the cost of the course materials?

     You are responsible to pay for all the costs depending on the needs of your individual projects

     and on how much you can afford.


 5. Payment Methods


     a) Paypal - you will be required to pay a small fee that paypal charges for the transaction to take place

                    - send your payment to this email: evanphia@btinternet.com

         please note - do NOT use the above email address for contacting me for info and other enquiries, as I rarely check it


   b) Cheque in the post - contact me for my address


   c) Bank Transfer - contact me for my bank details


 6. Full Refunds


     You will be fully refunded in the following circumstances:


     a) In the eventuality the course does not run


     b) If you decide not to attend the course but you have already paid and you cancel 7 days before the start date


   c) If you have paid by Paypal, you will be refunded the course fee but NOT the Paypal fee  


 7. No Refunds


     No refunds will be issued in the following two cases:


   a) If you cancel between 24 hours and 5 days before the start of the course


    b)  see answer to question no. 3



 Please contact me if you have any further questions.