Image by Chris Mark Billson 

Gallery 4    


Abstraction, Photography and Play  


  • Series 1, Autumn 2009                   

         Chris Mark Billson                             

         James Gormley                            

       Shaun Pryszlak                            



  • Series 2, Spring 2010

    The images by the following students are a response to a photographic 

          exploration of 'nothing' which I presented during a Pecha Kucha evening

             that took place at Phoenix at the last session of our course.


             Imogen Cox

          Julie Willard                                                                         

             Vaida Morkunaite                                                              

             Simon Goodman

          Rhys Reed

          Cliff Willard



Whitehawk Community Workshop                   


  •  March 2010                                        

          Douglas Frost                                     

          David Sharman                                    

          Victoria Smith